PHS Hall of Fame Nomination Instructions

Who is eligible:

All graduates of PHS who are at least 5 years out of school and had outstanding athletic accomplishments while participating for the Badgers.  We also accept nominations for outstanding team accomplishments.

Nomination information:

If you would like to nominate any female or male athlete, please submit the following information to Missy Townsend or Birdie Ferra, at Prescott High School. You can submit your nomination, in writing, and send to Prescott High School Athletic Department, 1050 N. Ruth St., Prescott, AZ 86301. You may also e-mail your nomination to, or

Nominations should include:

  • Name of the athlete and year of graduation
  • Years of competition
  • List of letters earned in each sport
  • Description of championships and awards earned
  • List of statistics and/or records accomplished

Thank you for taking the time to help us.

PHS Athletic Hall of Fame Committee:

Lou Beneitone Dr. GF McNally
Christine Bothell Rudy Navarro
John Brambilla Mark Ott
Amanda Chartier Clark Tenney
Cal Cordes Eddie Viliborghi
Kelly Cordes Norb Wedepohl
Birdie Ferra Bill White
Mark Goligoski