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Athletic Staff Up Close-Head Coach William Riviere (Swim)

Coach William Riviere attended E.C. Glass High School in Lynchburg, Virginia.  During high school, Coach Riviere played baseball all four years, where he played left field and 3rd base.  He remembered the following story about his first at bat as a varsity player,  “I faced a senior pitcher that could throw a 100 mph fastball. It

Lights On to Honor Class of 2020

One of the ways we want to honor our senior class is to turn on our stadium lights each night until May 22, 2020 at 8:20pm and 20 seconds (20:20 military time).  Please let them know how much we love them!

Winter Sports All Conference Honors

Congratulations to our winter athletes on their All Conference Honors: Girls Basketball: Hollie Dalton (Honorable Mention) Boys Soccer: Frank Castro (1st Team) Brayden Nelson (1st Team) Girls Soccer: Alexa Sell (1st Team) Emma Alvarez (1st Team) Sawyer Magnett (1st Team) Lily Jensen (1st Team) & All Conference Player of the Year  Coach Paul Campuzano All

Simple At Home Ankle Sprain Prevention Program

Athletes, during this rest period, it is highly recommended that you take advantage this time, and implement ankle sprain prevention exercises that will likely benefit you in your future seasons. Ankle sprains are the most common injuries in sports, accounting for nearly 45% of all athletic injuries. According to active life physical therapy, “an estimated 28,000

2020 Spring Sport Participation Fee Policy Change

Spring Season 2020 Participation Fee Policy Change Due to the unforeseeable effects of Covid-19 on the spring 2020 season.  We have found it necessary to implement the following policy regarding spring 2020 sport participation fees. Even though our spring season was cut short, we did complete about half of our season timewise.  Many of the

Athletic Staff Up Close-Head Coach Sterling Fetty (Tennis)

  Coach Fetty graduated from Prescott High School in 1999, where he competed in believe it or not, Tennis and Cross Country.  His favorite memories from high school included his teams travel for competition, spending time with his teammates and most notably winning doubles at state his senior year. Later he would be inducted into

Muhlenberg Athletic Training Stretch Program

Students,   As you are currently receiving more rest than you would in a typical season, it is important to maintain proper flexibility. This is a wonderful time to work on stretching, as improvements in flexibility will continue progressively as your bodies are likely not being overworked in this time. The regimen below is a stretching and

NCSA Recruiting Webinar (Free to all PHS Athletes and Parents)

Are you an athlete who wants to compete at the college level? You and your parents are invited to a free recruiting education session at Prescott High School, Monday, April 6th at 6:00pm! Join NCSA recruiting expert Paul Putnam to learn about the most important aspects of the college athletic recruiting process. Throughout this free

Athletic Staff Up Close-Head Coach Cody Collett (Football)

Coach Collett graduated from Dobson High School in 1999, where he competed in football and competitive weightlifting.  Some of his favorite high school memories were “all the great experiences with teammates and outstanding coaches that helped make me the person I am today. Great coaches I had included Mike Clark, Dennis Johnson, Mike Gibbons(my uncle), Scot

ACL Rupture Prevention Program

PHS Athletes,   With a decrease in sports activities, there are some “at home” exercises to consider adding to normal daily routines. During athletic practices at PHS, many ACL rupture prevention exercises are often incorporated into our programs. Even though it is not possible to attend group settings at the current time, there is significant