About The Athletic Trainer (Trent James)

Trent James, the Certified Athletic Trainer is a proud Prescott High School Graduate and former athlete who graduated from PHS in 2009. After developing a passion for sports and exercise, Trent devoted his efforts to promoting health through personal training, and eventually progressed to attend Grand Canyon University to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. Trent returned back home to Prescott High School after 1 year as the Head Athletic Trainer for North Canyon High School in Phoenix. Trent is in his 5th year as the Head Athletic Trainer at Prescott High School, and during this time Prescott High School received a First Team Safe Sports Award, which guarantees that the Athletic Trainer has developed and implemented safety protocols, and ensures that an athletics program will perform to the highest safety standards for its athletes. Trent works hard to ensure that athlete’s obtain great care to progress their goals and maintain proper health. Next year, Trent will be teaching classes on Sports Medicine and is very excited for the opportunity to share his passion with others.