About Hall of Fame

The Prescott High School Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1977, with the motto “Leadership, Excellence, and Tradition.” It was the brainchild of former PHS student and teacher, Eddie Villiborghi, who continues to serve on the Hall of Fame nominating committee. After 39 years, we continue to recognize outstanding athletes from the long history of Prescott High School. The nominating committee is made up of 16 longtime residents of Prescott; many are current and/or former teachers, coaches, students, and employees at Prescott High School.

This program exists to honor those athletes whose achievements in the sports arena were extraordinary. Achievements prior to coming to, or leaving Prescott High School, are not considered when determining admission.

As of 2016, 221 athletes and 24 teams have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Individual plaques honoring this select group are displayed in the entrance of the main gym at Prescott High School.

We hold an induction ceremony each year at a home football game, where all new inductees are recognized on the field at halftime. An award ceremony is held at the PHS multi-purpose room prior to the game. Inductees many times travel across country to attend the ceremony.

The Hall of Fame receives no money from PUSD to fund these activities, and we encourage you to make donations to the Prescott High School Athletic Hall of Fame, so we may continue to honor these former students. If you have any question about how to make a donation, please call the school at 928-445-2322.



Current Committee Members:

Chair: Stan Goligoski

  • Bill White
  • Birdie Ferra
  • Mark Goligoski
  • Clark Tenney
  • Paige Ramm
  • Rich Tenney
  • Thad Rummage
  • Amanda Chartier
  • Cal Cordes
  • Adam Neely
  • Kent Winslow
  • John Brambila
  • Mark Ott
  • Norm Wedepole
  • Lou Beneitone
  • Christine Bothel
  • Dr. GF McNally
  • Rudy Navarro
  • Kelly Cordes