Badger News · ImPACT Concussion Testing

What is ImPACT?
Impact is a baseline concussion assessment, that can be used after a direct blow to the head to help assess the cognitive abilities post-injury. All student athletes must complete ImPACT prior to participation in their sports season.
How long does an ImPACT test last for?
2 years. Tests must not expire during the student-athlete’s current sport season as well. If students have had multiple concussions in the prior seasons, a new baseline test may be required at any time.
Is a passing score on ImPACT necessary?
The test is not a pass or fail test; however, the test must reflect that a student has attempted to do their best. ImPACT will automatically flag those tests who have delayed reaction times and scores well below average.
Does a learning disability affect test results?
Not Usually. The test is more based around quick reactions and visual cognitive abilities. All students who do not pass are retested. Every student upon multiple tests has passed the test to this point, including those with severe disabilities.
When will the test be administered?
The test can be taken at home and deadlines are provided at the beginning of each sports season. Lists of student athletes who need to complete the tests are published in an announcement online, and an email is sent to parents. Coaches are also emailed a list of names. If a passing score on the test is not achieved by the deadline, your student athlete will be held out of participation for the first event.
Is this test the same as Brainbook?
No. This is a baseline test. Brainbook is an awareness test. Both tests must be completed prior to competition.
Special Considerations:
Testing Must not be completed with a track-pad or on a phone. This will result in an automatic fail, and the school is still charged for the cost of the failed test.
Use an external mouse and a mouse-pad. (Yes, wireless mouses are okay)
Please limit distractions. Phone use will delay reaction time and result in an automatic fail. The test will freeze if distractions are not limited. This feature is present to limit the amount of failed tests. If a test freezes, please attempt the test again.
Athlete’s who do not meet the deadline will be removed from participation to take the test on campus. The test will be taken in the 507 lab.
Athlete’s may be removed from participation at any time to take an ImPACT test
How do I take the test.
To take the test, please go to and enter the password YCBG7NEC5U
Do I need to email the results of the test?
No. After you finish the test, Please do not email the results of the test. It saves automatically, but it will ask for your personal email address to send a receipt to.
I feel as if my student athlete has completed the test, but my student athlete is listed as “not complete” for ImPACT testing.
This happens frequently. ImPACT’s search system is picky, and a mispell in the students name, nicknames, and other things can go unnoticed. If this happens to your student athlete, please forward the confirmation email to the Athletic Trainer for verification of a passing test. -This is the only way the test can be found.
Can I take ImPACT for an injury that happened off campus?
Yes, but a post injury test must be administered or coordinated by the physical therapists at Biomechanics as the Athletic Trainer at PHS cannot treat or give instruction for injuries that happened outside of PHS sports. Biomechanics can be reached at (928) 771-1700.
If you have any questions, feel free to email the Athletic Trainer.
Trent James -Athletic Trainer