Badger News · PHS Swimmers going to State after Husky Invitational

Twelve PHS Badger swimmers continued practicing this week for the San Tan Invitational meet held Saturday October 27 at Chandler High School. Highlights of the meet came from Toby Buettner taking 10 seconds off his 200 Free with a new PR of 2:25.24 and an amazing 23 second drop in his 500 Free down to a 6:43.47. “I was totally blind for my entire race, I want to do it again,” said Toby after his event. His goggles filled up at the start of the event but he managed to count his way through and finish with an amazing drop. Blake Francis shaved another 0.43 seconds off his 200 Free finishing with a 2:03.11. He also swam his fastest 100 Breast of the season with a 1:12.03. “Blake just continues to take time off his events every time he hits the water,” said Coach Buettner. “Every little bite has added up to some good significant drops over the course of the season.” Colton Tomitz dropped 0.82 seconds off his 100 Free touching the wall with a 1:02.34. Lacey, Emma, Bailey and Lily dropped another 4 seconds in their 200 Free Relay to a 1:51.71. “That’s a total of 8 seconds drop in the past 2 weeks,” said Coach Riviere. “These girls can be very proud of their effort to get into state but unfortunately it just isn’t enough.” The girls cut another 3 seconds in the 400 Free to a 4:08.95. Senior Lacey finally got under the elusive 1 minute mark starting off the relay and swimming a 0:59.53. The girls 200 Free Relay finished 31 and the 400 was 34th for Division II. Only the top 24 Relays compete at the State Championship Meet. The Boys (Harris, Sean, Dane and Blake) swam their 400 Free but didn’t drop any time from the week before so their fastest time of 3:36.62 placed them at 25th place. Sean Henegar did however have his fastest split of the season with a 0:55.51. The boys also swam the 200 Free Relay where they took off 0.7 tenths of a second to get to a combined time of 1:36.92 placing them 21st in State with the opportunity to swim next Friday at the State Championship Meet. Harris Temple swam automatic qualification times in 6 individual events this season. “I had a guy on my high school team who was much like Harris,” said Coach Buettner. “He just has a natural feel for the water and is an amazing athlete.” He is currently sitting in 1st Place for Division II in the 50 Free, 100 Fly and 100 Free, he is 4th in the 100 Back and 200 Free and 9th in the 100 Breast. Arizona limits swimmers to 2 Individual Events at the State Meet. Harris has chosen to compete in the 100 Butterfly and will be defending his Championship Title in the 100 Freestyle. The State Meet begins on Friday morning at the Skyline Aquatic Center for Division II and the Championships will be held for both Division I and II Saturday Morning. “We are super excited for States this year,” added Coach Riviere. “We are sadly not taking any of the girls but we hope to see these boys swim their hearts out in the Relay and get to the finals. It will be a great experience for them too. We are also excited to see Harris come back with a couple State Championships.”